I have been photographing  life as I see it,  for the last 10 years. but have always been fascinated by photographs and their power. Born and raised in Fargo, I moved to Los Angeles after college and gained loads of inspiration, knowledge and appreciation for the uniquely beautiful scenery and moments life has to offer. Now, living back in Fargo, I feel fortunate to have opportunities to share my photos with others.

I would not consider myself a professional by trade, but rather a creative novice, eager to share my inspiration. I do not work with  traditional tools or materials of photography. I do not have expensive cameras or production space. I have no formal photography training. Instead, I use my instincts and the tools I have access to, in order to capture moments, tell stories and hopefully provoke thought and interest from viewers.​


With my photographs, I would like to promote compassion, gratitude, love and joy by photographing long forgotten places, stunning scenery and moments of human clarity and wonderment. 


Kari Lugo


© 2013 by Kari Lugo  All Rights Reserved  Contact: kari.lugo@yahoo.com 

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